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7 Easy & Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home With Things You Already Have

7 Easy & Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home With Things You Already Have

A big budget is not always the only answer to spice up your home and make it more interesting. Sure, fancy furniture and designer decor pieces would certainly revamp your home; but sometimes, a little creativity goes a much longer way than a fat wallet. Also, look around you, if you are someone who already has a lot of stuff, buying more things is only going to get your house more crowded. Hence, here are some simple and easy ideas to help you decorate your house with little to no money, by using things you already have:

1) Hang Plates

Hanging plates in unanticipated colors always gives a fresh look to a dull wall. Ideally, it is advisable to put the most eye catching design in the middle, and duller designs or colors in the periphery; although one can experiment endlessly with plates. Adhesive plate hangers and wire hangers are probably the best for the purpose. Alternatively, plates can also be placed on surfaces such as mantles.

2) Children Art

All those stick figures of the family, asymmetric portraits of animals, and other random doodles by your child are now master-pieces for your home. Hanging children art in clips, colorful frames or by laminating them gives a really playful and refreshing touch to that part of the house. It also serves as a great conversation starter, especially if you are one who loves discussing kids.

3) Stack Your Books

A pile of books have the tendency to draw the eye, and are great design props to any kind of interior setting. If you do not have space in your racks and shelves, (or simply don’t want to put them there), then stack your books up on a flat surface such as a bench or an end table. You can also place a tray on top of a pile and use it as a side table next to your couch. This emits a very casual, yet scholastic vibe to your room. The effect is enhanced if the books are old, and also adds a light distinct aroma if the room is compact.

4) Repurpose Furniture

Old furniture, especially chairs and cabinets, can be repurposed instead of having them thrown away or stashed in the basement. With a little paint and/or a few minor adjustments, old furniture when repurposed to something else, looks very artsy. Repurposing furniture might require a bit of effort but with a little work, old furniture can be not just recycled, but upcycled.

5) Pebbles

Next time you’re at a river bank, or any vicinity with pebbles, be sure to collect a few handfuls of them for they look aesthetically pleasing on everything. Pebbles can be used to add a natural look to anything. For instance, take an old rusted steel bucket and glue pebbles in them to make a flower pot that looks quite designer-made. These pebbles can be added to anything such as bathroom mirrors, tabletops floor mats etc. Even simply piling pebbles up in a corner and placing a suitable sculpture or decoration piece looks pleasing. Just get a strong adhesive and get creative. P.S- pick stones that have at least one flat side.

6) Ladder Towel Rack

Almost all households have a portable ladder which is mostly very rarely used, except for when the light bulb needs to be changed, or you need to reach for that suitcase above your closet. Rather than leaving it to rust or decay, place it in the bathroom as a towel rack. You can make modifications to it to suit your bathroom but in its most basic sense, it can be as easy as picking your spot in the bathroom and placing your ladder there with some towels.

7) Tires

Sooner or later, the tread on your car tires is going to wear down. First and foremost, it’s vitally important that you first replace those worn out tires (safety always comes first). When you do that, don’t send your tire to the junkyard. It’s only going to stay there, piled up with other tires, for years. Instead tires can be turned to something new and beautiful such as this tire flower planter or the tire dog bed. With just some paint, your ugly old worn out tire serves as home to your non-human family members.



Gaurav Bhore

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